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We take care of your orders in a fast and efficient way offering you priority at your satisfaction, in a way your ship’s crew can enjoy excellent quality products. Our commitment is to satisfy your needs providing you high quality products and reliable services at affordable prices and outstanding response time. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work for you by supplying crew’s food, maintenance supplies, cleaning compounds, laundry services, bonded store, provisions, deck store and a wide variety of services.


  • Quality and fresh merchandise.
  • Provisions.
  • Motor Rewinds.
  • 24 Hour Service.
  • Office Supplies.
  • Laundry Service.
  • Medical Items.
  • Reliable service.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Managers on call 24 hours every day.
  • Quotations returned with efficiency and professionalism.
  • Sludge Disposal Service.
  • Storage and delivery of ship’s spare parts.
  • Service in all the Dominican Ports.

Provisions, Fresh, Dry & Frozen


Meats Fresh & Frozen, Seafood Fresh & Frozen, Poultry Fresh & Frozen, Dairy Goods, Fruit, Vegetables, Asian goods & Spices, Dry Goods, Confectionery, General Groceries, Beverages, Juices, Flowers, Specialty Lines & Gourmet Foods.


We provide Reception facility for sludge, waste oil, tank washing, oily residues/bilges, etc. to the vessels calling at all major Ports of the Dominican Republic. We are an economical and prompt to our work commitment. Working 24 hours to retain the client satisfaction.

– Sludge oil discharge
– Slop discharge
– Used Oil Collection
– Waste oil Collection
– Oily Bilge water
– Dirty ballast water
– Oily residues (sludge)
– Used oil collection for main engine / Generator/ Crane
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Public Customs Services

We provide affordable laundry service that is designed around the ships and its crew. We also offer personalized and quality service.

Products & services


Grease, Cable Grease, Hydraulic Fluid, Diesel Oils, Antifreeze, Synthetic Oils, Degreaser, Oil Dispersants, Oil Spill Kits, Oil Sorb, CRC, WD40, Fish & Linseed Oils.

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Distribution Network

Tools, Hoses & Couplings, Ropes & Hawsers, Packing, Belts, Lashing Equipment, Gloves & Ear Muffs, Wire, Gauges, Fasteners, Rags & Cotton Waste, Valves,  Instruments, Pipes & Fittings, and many more.

Products & services


Fire Fighting Equipments, Extinguishers, Axes, Fire Suites, Nozzles, Hoses, Helmets & Boots.

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