Shipyard Broker

Shipyard brokerage

BasanImpex will represent you in the yard. Therefore, thanks to our local experience, we can check on-site for a suitable repair yard.

We supply service in the Dominican Republic

Our experienced local staff will take direct care of your inquiry and needs on-site. As we act independently, we can consult without any pressure from the yard and provide the best solutions to your requirements.

What makes us stand out from others:

  • We act independently from the yard and can therefore follow YOUR needs
  • We are represented personally by our offices
  • Assistance is guaranteed during the whole docking period by our staff

Worth knowing – our advantages

  • Our own office can fulfill many customer demands, which would not be possible without local knowledge and connections.
  • We will work exclusively on customer order, which means we evaluate possibilities before sending a tender out.

After booking the yard via BasanImpex:

We will directly appoint the BasanIpex person in charge of your project, who will accompany your project on-site from the beginning until the end supporting your company´s needs.

He will:

  • support you in shipyard meetings
  • support setting and keeping deadlines
  • advise on local prices for unforeseen works
  • supply of local/ external workshops if special works can´t be performed by the yard itself
  • arrange/ import spares


Why not send us an email? We´ll make sure to take care of your requests and questions.